Dates: 21 OCT

Total Duration: 3h

Sunday, 10 - 1pm

CLASS BY: Rocco Fazzari

A contemporary drawing workshop led by multimedia artist Rocco Fazzari. Rocco was a Fairfax political cartoonist who's been published repeatedly in Rolling Stone magazine and many others. He has also been a finalist in drawing prizes with his digital drawing.

You'll learn step by step how to draw, think artist David Hockney, using a stylist and ipad or smart phone allowing you to open up the technology already at your finger tips. This workshop is particularly helpful for architects, designers, artists and those who love to draw.

The digital drawing process will be demystified into a series of easily digestible steps. Feel confident you'll see tangible creative results.

By the end, you'll be shown how to publish artwork onto instagram and other social media platforms. The preferred app for the class is Procreate, please uploaded before the class begins. Available on itunes.

Price: $120 per person Max.10

Duration: 3hrs includes 20min break for light refreshments

Simply click  'Ask or book' link to book via email.

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